6. Links & Further Reading

A Chronology of important events in Griffintown history – Courtesy of the St. Patrick’s Society

(Click to enlarge)


Spatialitism –  A blog by Concordia history PhD Mathew Barlow. His writing and research examines the history and                                memory of Griffintown.

Save Griffintown! – An archived blog that chronicles local residents struggle to have their voices included in the city’s                                         controversial proposed urban renewal project for Griffintown.

“The sinking of the Friend Ship” – Recent article related to the closure of important Griffintown artist/cultural space, Friendship Cove, by the city.

“The ghosts of Griffintown” – Recent article about the struggle to keep Friendship Cove open under a new guise.

Sounding Griffintown: A listening guide of a Montreal neighbourhood – Downloadable audio tour of the                        neighbourhood that encourages listeners to learn, move through the urban space and interact with both history and the urban environment.

The Darling Foundry – Griffintown gallery space + and cultural hub for the neighbourhood’s vibrant art scene.


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